Saturday, 13 May 2017

Each Step Counts

Second year has come and gone in what literally feels like a flash, typical Jess using quotes there. This year I moved in with new people, who I met last year but was yet to actually live in accommodation with. It's always funny living with others around your age, definitely a lot more chill than maybe living with your parents.

Second year, was for me just as good as first. University can sometimes feel like your so busy even though you don't have a whole lot to do sometimes, it's the strangest thing. I remember writing up about first year around this time last year and looking back on that post I was so enthusiastic about Uni which I put down to it all being so new to me and meeting so many new people. Don't get me wrong Uni for me is one of the best things I've ever done and if you gave me the option I'd probably be very content with it for a couple more years. But I think now finishing up two years and surviving  them haha I am a little more lukewarm about it. 

A drunken birthday celebration shot

This past Uni year I've been aiming to really start focusing on my career a lot more, which I feel like crosses your mind a lot with the thought of starting 3rd year in September. If you follow my Instagram and social media then I'm pretty sure you'll get a feeling of my Photography work, which I'm growing a lot lately. I really realised when I was making my own style diaries and asking family members to take my images, that in the nicest way possible I had a vision in my head of how I wanted the images to look but could never really achieve it properly with others taking them. Not through the fault of my amazing family who would take the snaps of me because 1. I couldn't expect them to know how to work a camera properly if it's something they haven't done before and 2. How could I expect them to understand my creative vision that was in my own mind? No matter how many times I tried to explain it to them haha. 

Left: @blushandnoise Right: @theemasphere

So upon this realisation, I'm now I guess kinda at the start of my journey in Professional Photography and have made many amazing contacts, which is beyond great. Switching from being in front of the camera to behind it, has definitely enabled me to realise my creative side a whole lot more. Not to say I don't enjoy doing a style diary every now and again. 

Left: @LittleComets Right: @Anaisaoffical

Putting myself out there and reaching out to people made me realise a lot. Nothing just comes to you in life, you have to be willing to go out and get it yourself. Nobody is going to hand you your dream career or make you a millionaire tomorrow. No matter what it is that you want, having the ability to be confident in yourself and truly believe that you can achieve your wildest thought is where it all begins. Nothing is simple or straight forward in life, that's for sure but just by taking a step each day to achieving the life you want is a great way to kick start it. 

Working in a creative industry I find can make it difficult to have a direct path to a lifelong career and not everyone knows what it is that they want to be doing. On that note, If you somehow are reading this now, feeling a little lost or not even sure what you want to do in life. Know that not everyone has a direct path, yes some people pick a career and know exactly where they are going to be in years to come; which works for many people and by no means is wrong. In fact, that's a great way to be. However, I feel like this generation is more willing than ever to step away from that direct path. Which can be scary but also so rewarding in the long run. 

I wanted to write this post today just to share a little insight to where I'm currently at, which is actually sat on my couch attempting to cut down my packing for 4 months of travelling this summer. But also haha I wanted to write it for those who maybe feel a bit lost. I have and still do most of the time. But I definitely recommend to go out and make connections, send out emails/messages and don't worry if nothing comes of them, do it again.

Nothing is impossible in life. Being willing to work hard, make contacts and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Make's you learn a whole lot about yourself. How can people know who you are if you don't make yourself know? 

We don't win at everything but failing makes achieving feel a whole lot better when it arrives. *Gotta stop with these quote Jess* However this ones V true ! Have a good week people x

Jessica Grace x

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