Wednesday, 26 April 2017

April Playlist - Artist to Watch: Nathan Ball


April I have to say I am happy to see you go. May brings a lot of exciting things and I'm ready for it very much so. April was a month full of plenty acoustic tracks, which you'll find in this months Playlist.

I am highlighting Nathan Ball in this months playlist, definitely the stand out artist for me this April. After purchasing his EP I'm officially hooked. I'd usually go onto compare the artist to another but apart from having a little vibe of Mr Ben Howard, I think Nathan really stands on his own two feet rather well.

His sound is confident and authentic, which is refreshing for all. And his positive vibes shine through in his tracks and acoustics on the web. An artist that doesn't take the industry too serious is always one I enjoy seeing grow and Nathan is doing just that in 2017.

Listen to April Playlist below.


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