Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Layer it Up - Personal Style Diary part 3

It's been way to long since I last got around to writing up a style post, so I'm feeling super happy today that I finally get to share some of my personal style with you guys once again. 

As part of one of my University projects, I ran a personal project style in which I documented a few individuals personal style. After submitting my project, I kind of felt like I wanted to carry it on. So have been doing so on Instagram, with part 3 going out the other day. So to keep up to date with it make sure you follow my Instagram.  <<

This personal style diary takes a look at a styling tip I've been loving to do as of lately. My wardrobe is full of ridiculous amounts of stripy tee's and pairing them up with some band tee's / casual tops has given me a new love for them. It's just a very casual way to dress up a simple look.

Once I get some spare time, I'm going to upload the personal style posts done so far. Just to give out some more inspiration to you guys and following on I shall continue to post the following ones.

I'm blogging for many other different blogs at the moment, but working at getting back on here as regularly as possible. So make sure you are following the social media to the right and bloglovin to stay up to date with everything taking place here on.

Love Jessica x

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