Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Live Life

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Alert! Very honest post coming at you people. Here we go.

With Valentine's day coming and going, I've had a lot of thoughts lately about being single. At this time of the year, it can be so easy to look at friends and feel as though everyone you see is in a relationship. I'm very much guilty of this myself, however looking at the bigger picture we see there is actually plenty of singletons out there.

Some may agree on this and some may not, but in life, I honestly believe that certain people find getting into relationships very easy and it just happens for them, but for others, it's not always that easy. Either way, there is no right or wrong way to be. As cringe-worthy as it may sound, life is an up and down ride and it is always changing. It throws everything at you, but how you deal with it is what really encourages you to learn and grown.

Since starting University and living out of home, I've discovered how important it is to be ok with your own company. In my teen years, I've learnt so much, literally so much haha, about myself. Who I truly am, my real interests and the type of person I really wanna give my time to get to know. Some say you have to settle but why do we?

And no this isn't a note to make myself or others feel better about being single because actually, I'm pretty content with where I'm at now. This is a small note on the web to say to all singletons, that being single doesn't mean your alone or lonely. Yes I know there can be times you feel it but you snap out of that quicker than you thought of it, am I right? Being single is your time to discover yourself, to embraces one's self and do the things you've always wanted to do by yourself!

Give up thinking about being in a relationship and enjoy life. I think we may take some advice from those in relationships here, the most common one being 'it happens when you least expect it'. A quote I'm definitely agreeing with.

So put the Tinder app down and go read a book, go to a coffee shop, listen to new music, exercise, and live life!

Lots of love, 
Jessica xo

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