Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Love or Hate

Jacket: COW Vintage 
Tee: COW Vintage 
Mom Jeans: Primark 
Rings: Thrifting store

I write this post with Bad Sounds - 'Wages' playing in my headphones and with the realisation that I have not done any work on my essays today. But this year I'm trying to be a little more chill about things, the essays are written they just need proof reading which I have more than plenty of time to do. So I needn't panic or worry.

Onto today's post. The coat you either love or hate. I say this as my oldest sister doesn't seem to be a fan of it, yet come to think of it she's never been much of a fan of my clothing choices. At the start of Winter I had this vision in my head of a fleece, green checkered coat that I could throw on everyday. I very much new vintage stores where going to be my best option, so when I stepped into COW Vintage on Bold Street, Liverpool and found this beauty, although a little different to the one I had in my imagination (i.e. more blue) I was very pleased. 

I've probably very much over worn these pieces this winter, but I am aware that; that fact alone is not going to stop me wearing them again anytime soon. So let me know; Are you a fan of the jacket that may look like it's just came right out of my Nan's wardrobe? 

Jess x 

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