Friday, 2 September 2016

The Simple Life

As far as style diaries go this may just come out as one of my all time favourites on the site! Denim dresses, sunsets and yachts; I mean what more could you really wish for.

Out of all the nights I spent in Palma, this one was by far my favourite. It was so beautiful and  peaceful; not to mention how much I adored this pinafore from Urban. I use the word adore (which may be a little strong to describe a piece of clothing) because I would happily wear it for the rest of my life, with no hesitation at all.

Besides it being a little big when it first arrived and having to get my Mum to adapt it for my petite self,  it's a piece I'll be pulling out all year round and especially when I'm back at Uni. I think by now in the Fashion, Instagram, Blog world we have all established the greatness of pinafores and dungarees garments. From comfy tees to dressy sheer blouses, even cosy thick jumpers; they can all be paired with both pinafores and dungarees and work so well.

Jessica Grace x


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