Friday, 12 August 2016

The Maccabees

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I write this with Something Like Happiness playing into my headphones and with a bit of a heavy heart. This week The Maccabees, one of my favourite and many people's London indie rock band, announced that they were calling it quits in a statement tilted 'A Message to Our Fans'. After four albums by the guys and having performed some of their biggest shows to date, it seemed like they wanted to go out on a high; which they definitely will be doing.

'Given to the Wild' was their first album that I heard and how I discovered them and I fell in love with their sound right away! It was and I think always will be one of my favourite albums. 'Went Away' is that one song I always have on repeat and it somehow managers to fit every occasion in life perfectly! Also making everything seem better!

It's exactly that, which I love about The Maccabees, their music for me has this way of uplifting situations and it's a sound that gets everything rolling. So for now here's to their farewell shows and enjoying their four albums forever and always. The hope they come back in the future with new music will forever be a live!

Jessica Grace x

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