Sunday, 28 August 2016

Summer Essentials

So we may be reaching the end of our Summer months but that does't mean we can't make the most of what we have left. I recently spent some time in Palma and kind of fell a little in love with the beach life, definitely clarifying to me that I was meant to be California born.

I try and take as little as possible when going the beach or out in summer because less is definitely more in summer months. These pieces I'm about to dive into more detail on where my must-haves for all summer long and whist on holiday, let's go!

My first essential of course is the 'Nivea Sun Protection Sun Cream' I can't express enough how important it is to protect your skin from the sun, whether at home or away on holiday. Especially if you have fair skin like myself. I've never really been into tanning, I prefer to just embrace what I have and if I do feel like I want more of tan I tend to go down the route of spray tanning or tanning moisture's. No matter what you enjoy, tanning or not this Nivea Sun Protection honestly works a treat at protecting your skin from the sun. It's the only one I trust haha and my NO.1 must have for all year round.

Second up; the all important fedora hat, not only are they a massive trend but they are so practical. River Island and ASOS do the best collections!

Sunnies, your probably thinking obviously Jess but seriously I've never understood the important of sunglasses until last week, when it was properly sunny in Palma. I feel like in England we just pull them out when it's a little sunny because it's the natural thing to do. Oh it's sunny, where's my sunglasses? Haha, but I really couldn't of lived without this Urban Outfitters pair, the best.

Love or Hate! That's the relationship we all love to have with Birkenstocks, well I think my view on them has been shared a lot through all my social media. If you haven't guessed I bloody love them and could't think of a better summer shoe. They combine comfort with a rustic and vintage look. I wore them day and night and would happily where them all year round if I could!

All Images by Jessica Grace 
Location - Cala D'Or

And that's my round up of beach essentials! If you wish to see a little bit extra I filmed a summer beauty favourites for you to check out, watch below!


Love, Jessica Grace x 

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