Monday, 1 August 2016

July Playlist

Hello August, I welcome you with open arms. To me August is the official month of summer, even though I've had a pretty long one already August just always seems to be a busy month for me every year. England doesn't seem to agree with me as it's currently giving us Autumn weather, typical.

Just before this new month gets rolling, I'm sharing with you guys my July Playlist. July was a month full of me loving a lot of different genre's of music; from Pop to Indie I was kind of loving it all.

Featuring in July's playlist are a band called 'The Night Cafe', I discovered these guys on Instagram and new I'd love their sound right away; which I did. I'm always keen to show love to smaller bands and especially when they are from my home Liverpool. They currently just have three singles out on Spotify, my favourite being Addicted; but I'm excited to follow their sound and can't wait for more music to come from them in the future. Definitely a band that you should check out if your a lover of indie/rock music.

July Playlist

Make sure you give July's Playlist a listen, throughout your day or maybe when your travelling and let me know if you discover any new music you love. I'd love to see what you all enjoy. 
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Love, Jessica Grace x 

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  1. Can't wait to go through the whole playlist — great songs! ♡