Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Mental Health in the Music Industry


In general I think mental health is still something many people don't yet understand. In a small sense it's a bit like blogging and social media influencers, you don't really get it, unless you do it yourself. Mental Health is kind of similar, you don't no exactly how it feels or what it's like until you go through it yourself.

Being a generalised anxiety sufferer, actually scrap that I hate the word 'sufferer'. Having dealt with generalised anxiety and still going through it at times in my current life, it became so intriguing to me and pleasing that big names like Zayn Malik and Olly Alexander have begun speaking out their own experience with mental health.

I read yesterday that 60% of all musicians have had an experience with mental health. Which is a pretty high number. It's very easy in life to assume that someone has a picture perfect life, whether that be someone you know or someone in the public eye. But the reality of life is that no ones life is ever perfect.

Especially in this modern 21st century world we live in, social media is a huge contributor to creating this perfect image. Which in fact only enhances mental health illnesses, in my opinion and experience.

Today's talk turns to mental health in the music industry, which shows those artists we love suffer just like many of us do too. Life in the music industry seems demanding enough when you don't have to deal with a mental illness, so throw that on top and it's so easy to see how it can all go wrong.

Through the past couple of years and months the number of artists, pulling out of things has increased, many saying they need to be 'selfish'. Take for example Bieber stating he is no longer going to do fan meet ups before his tour, which I think clearly shows the pressure was a little too much. And what begins to annoy me is when many press outlets state this to be 'obnoxious'. That's when it clear to me that there is still a stigma about mental health and it feels like we just took a step back on changing peoples views.

Female artists give of an even bigger message of how much of an impact working in the music industry can have on your well-being. Amy Winehouse's life being evidence on how it should be taken more seriously, than laughing at these artists because they are in the spot light. Dazed touched on this next point in their own article, but the idea of people loving a mug with the quote 'If Britney can get through 2007, you can get through today' shows how society is a key role in pushing artists too far.

When my life changed in 2012 at just 15 years old, I had never even heard of anxiety yet fast forward to today I think the amount of knowledge and how this topic has grown in discussion is incredible. It show's the positive side of social media and if used in the right way it can have amazing affects on the world and people's lives. In addition, with the help of many musicians being honest about their mental health such as Florence Welsh we begin to move even closer at closing down the barrier of confusion on anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

I still believe the world has a long way to go before mental health issues become truly understood, but it's so good to see that each day the music industry and world moves one step further in removing this stigma.

What's your view? Don't forget to leave a comment and your opinion below. 

Jessica Grace x

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