Monday, 13 June 2016

Meet Kyko

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By the amazing talented - Ollie Ali 

Today's music posts gives all credit to Kyko. A British artist, who's constantly on repeat in my music lately. Think Saint Raymond meets James Bay and you get his vibes. I want my site to be a place where you guys can come and discover artist you may not of heard much of and Kyko represents everything I want the music section of the blog to be. Surprising, intriguing and tranquil. 

Scott aka Kyko, started out with covers but now has started to share with the world his indie and hint of electronic sound. 'Pull me up' is the song to get you going and help put things in action. Yet 'Animals' studio & the acoustic version fit with those long lie-in days more than perfectly.

What makes Kyko stand out from the crowd is his humble vibes which come through in his music and make for a dreamy and ambitious sound. Not only that he's said to be pretty good live with his band by his side. Get tickets here

There's now most of his tracks on Spotify and his EP is available. Having made the purchase myself, it's one to not be missed.


Jessica Grace x

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