Thursday, 16 June 2016

Leather Locks

Summer dressing isn't really something I love, I like layering and adding to my look and in summer, it's usually the 'less is more' motto. That's not to say I don't long for a beach holiday each year, I definitely do. But I was secretly happy to see that rainy England had returned for the day and I could pull out my H&M leather pants, which I would wear every day if possible. Think comfort yet presentable and that's exactly what they give off. Definitely, one item staying in my wardrobe forever!

I've chosen to pair with my Guns and Roses tee, choker, flannel, and Vagabonds. Which really set of the leather look. 

I'm aware leather isn't most people's typical go-to piece at this time of the year but we all have leather withdrawals especially every now and again! So I made the most of it whilst I could. For all you, summer lovers don't worry, I've lined up a few summer style diaries took last week when England was shouting summer from all corners. Boho dresses coming your way!

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lots of love, 
Jessica Grace x


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