Wednesday, 18 May 2016


 Leather: Forever 21/ Blouse: Vintage/ Crop Top: TopShop/ Jeans: Pull & Bear/ Boots: Pull & Bear

Happy Wednesday ya'll. How's your week going so far? Mine? Not the best, after desperately trying to find a job and having interviews yet not hearing anything back I'm officially starting to give up. Find it really confusing on what more a retail store could want?

Any how, on a lighter note 'Orange' is today's key word. I've been loving shopping in vintage stores and car-boots lately, it's not for everyone but I personally think if you dig deep you'll find some little gems. Just like this orange more than likely 'mens' shirt. I wore it in Bristol the other week and it was the perfect way to stay cool, as it's a super light material.

If you happen to style some kind of vintage or orange clothing piece; which can be tricky, then be sure to tag me in your Instagram's. Love to see them and get inspiration from you guys.

Instagram: @jessgraceneal

Jessica Grace x


  1. Don't give up with the job hunting, I know first hand how frustrating and upsetting it is when you've been looking for months and keep getting rejected, but honestly, keep at it and you will find something! I absolutely love your shirt as well, the colour is fab!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. This was so lovely Alice, thanks for taking your time to write this up! I know I've just got to keep going, sure something will come along soon. Thanks for the love, loved discovering your site; style is heavenly.

    Jessica Grace x

  3. Hi Alice, cute blog..good luck with finding a job - it will happen eventually..xx Jacqui