Wednesday, 11 May 2016

No more blogging? LETS TALK

So lately I've been having a bit of a life crisis and at 19 that freaks me out a little. Do you ever ask yourself the question 'What am I actual doing with my life?' Yea, well me too! In fact, a lot lately.

I've been running this blog for nearly four years now, which is a lonnnnng time. I think just like everyone in a creative industry you go through times of being motivated and times where you don't have any; yet oddly my lack of motivation has lasted a lot longer lately. Studying media enables me to see how fast this industry is growing and if I'm honest last month I was struggling to see if it was worth carrying on the blog. Not because I'm not making a living from it because thats not the priority here, I guess its not really something I can put my finger on just that I've felt there is less of a need for blogging lately. in the media world. With social media becoming even bigger, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter are all forms of blogging if you think about it. Which kind of makes me sad because I think blogging is an amazing way for users to express their creativity and I know its something many people love to do; myself included of course. Yet I'd be lying if I didn't say there is definitely a shift happening.

So this isn't a post saying I think blogging is a waist of time or that 'I'm no longer going to be doing it because I am. In fact, probably even more so than I have been lately and I'll still be bringing my music and style diaries. I just felt like I needed for my own creativity to adjust and fix somethings on the blog and not necessary do what sells but what I enjoy. So things on 'Inthestyleofjessica' are changing a little, this means more Videos, Event reviews, Debates we can get involved in on Twitter, Style Tips we can share on Instagram and over all just a little bit of something different.

I'm feeling more happy and motivated about what I want to get out of using media; And ways in which we can grow this site to become a place we can all gain something out of. So leave me a comment, your views on this ever changing media world and what type of things your most excited to see on a better 'inthestyleofjessica'. Don't forget to follow my social media all to the left.

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