Monday, 23 May 2016

Acoustic Sessions Alert

Live music and acoustic are my favourite parts of the music industry and every Sunday it's kind of become my thing to listen to Acoustic music. There's something so peaceful about it and it creates the perfect background for a relaxing end to the week.

I wanted to give a little mention to the 'Sunday Sessions' YouTube channel that has become one of my go to place for all things acoustic. It's honestly so great; ran by the guys over at and 
Artists such as 'Oh Wonder' and 'Gabrielle Aplin' have all featured on the channel and they do a great job at showcasing some new artists as well. Definitely head over and give their videos a watch!

As my love for Acoustic music is ever growing I've pieced together a playlist featuring my current favourites. I'm kind of piecing it together to listen to every Sunday and will update it every week. Make sure your following me on Twitter to find out when its updated as I won't be posting it all the time here. Who knows you may make it a Sunday tradition just like I seem to have.

 Listen to this weeks below.

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Don't forget to follow me on Spotify for more updates and see the playlist on the web here.

Jessica Grace x 

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