Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The One

In the past I never really saw myself as a lover of culottes and when the tread of them came about a couple of months ago I wasn't a fan of it. Fast forward to last month when I was at TopShop Personal Shopping in Liverpool One and my mind was completely changed. I actually now see them as a great way to keep an outfit dressy yet still casual and when your a student going out a few days in the week, it works out as a perfect look(I often aim for)

Stripes consume most of my wardrobe so it only made sense for me to pick up this stripy playsuit from TopShop. They actually have such a nice collection of culottes playsuits at the moment and with 20% off for students at the moment I may just have to pick another up. 

I actually feel rather weird posting this spring summery look today as its been snowing!!  In places across the UK yesterday but none the less it is Spring and there is no sign of snow here in Liverpool. I like to think it's because 'Justice for the 96' finally has been resolved/given, which I'm sure you guys may of seen on the news. And Safe to say it's a good time to be living in this city! 

Jessica Grace x 


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