Saturday, 2 April 2016

It's a process

Dress: Pull & Bear, Jacket: H&M, Tee: Topshop, Shoes: Forever 21

I've owned this dress forever now and kind of have a love hate relationship with it. But here I'm definitely loving it. The realisation that I own way too many stripy t-shirts has also hit hard when I was packing my clothes up ready to return back to uni on Monday. 

My love with social media kind of moves back and forward a lot, I used to absolutely love Youtube and creating videos but then I just lacked interest in it. Now the past year and half I've thrown myself into my blog and found a new little passion of mine. However, I've learned so much within the past 8 months about growing a online audience. The one key thing I've learned is that blogging is a process, its a long one. Just like most things online, Youtube as well. In order to improve or may I say it 'become successful' on these platforms you have to go through a process to reach your goals; whatever it may be. 

I don't neccesary want to be 'Blogger famous' but I guess a higher viewer count wouldn't hurt. I'm more than aware of why I'm putting myself out on the web to be viewed by everyone and thats because its a way for me to express my creativity. And I think its important for online influencers to constantly remind themselves why they are doing what they are. For the enjoyment of it, right? 

Jessica Grace x

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