Monday, 25 April 2016

Artist Love: Mura Masa

So through no ones fault but my own I’ve lacked a great deal in content over the past month, so its clear I haven’t been the greatest when it comes to being consistent. But I come with some rather happy news and that is that I have now officially finished my first year of University, yaaaay! I say yay but there still remains some remorse that I can no longer use the excuse that I am a fresher, therefore I can be as lazy as I wish. Well technically I still have summer right?

The past month for me has been a month of discovery of lots of new music, which I feel like is always something that occurs for me but April was definitely more than usual. I could go on for ages about all of my favourite tracks but I will let my April Playlist do that for you guys, coming next Monday. So today I'm narrowing it down to just one artist that I'm loving.

Mura Masa have such good vibes, from the get go of a Mura Masa track you automatically get this summer happy vibe which I'm living for at this time of year. If your a fan of tropical house I'm sure you'll love Mura Masa. You may recognise his sound from a couple of Boohoo adverts, which seems to be where most people discovered him. Alex Crossan, is the guy behind this electronic music and seems to be going from strength to strength. 

'What If I go?' is currently his song thats in the charts, my favourite part of this track is the video, so good! Check it here.

But his older tracks I actually have been getting into a lot as well. He is definitely an artist not to be missed, I'd actually consider setting time apart to just listen to all of his tracks on Spotify, without a doubt time well spent. 

Jessica Grace x

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