Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Student Life

It's been over 6 months now since I started uni and it's safe to say its been one of the biggest changers ever made in my life. I'm beyond happy that I went through with the decision to go to Uni and move out of home as its opened so many doors for me and I've met some of the best people. I can't actually believe just how fast this first year has gone and being a fresher is actually coming to an end a lot sooner than I think I'm ready for.  So with another month about to begin at Uni and meaning the end of 1st year is rapidly approaching I thought I would dive into the top things I've noticed about being a student.

1. Don't Judge
Uni is completely different to school or college, to a degree nobody really cares about how someones looks or dresses; its all about getting to know people and not judging anybody. You may even meet people that you would never think in a million years you would get along but you find you have a lot more in common than you would think. What I loved about leaving school and college is leaving behind those labels of popular/unpopular, at uni you notice how everyone is the same and everyone is their to make a career, have fun and learn. 

2. Push yourself 
I've never been the most confident person but Uni has given me a lot more confidence. Presentations are something you'll definitely have to do which most people hate but being forced out of your comfort zone only helps you to gain so much more confidence. I actually had one today and it went pretty well, which is an added bonus. Apart from presentations I would say push yourself to make conversation with everyone you meet, I remember in my first week I went to a flat party which was the first time meeting someone who was on my course and I knew absolutely at the party, yet it turned out to be one of my favourite nights out and I met someone that I went onto become good friends with.

3. Say yes 
For some reason when you reach adult hood I feel like so many more opportunities come along, I think at uni this happens because of the amount of people you meet. I was determined that this year I would begin to say yes to everything and that I definitely did, which resulted in maybe one too many nights out, new friendships made and many amazing career opportunities. Here comes Jess's cringe part but... 'we are given one life so we should make the most of EVERY opportunity.'

4.You'll make mistakes
This applies the most within your first year I think, your beginning to learn how to be independent and this year is a growing up experience which definitely will bring many mistakes. You may wash colour and whites together resulting in your washing becoming pink; my flat mates ;) haha or you may get a little ahead of yourself at freshers and have one too many drinks trust me I've done this and I do hang my head in shame. But I guess I justify it by seeing it as being young and having fun, maybe too much fun! You might even miss your first assignment dead line, yes (me again) I actually managed to do this but don't stress it's not the end of the world. Mistakes happen and the point is if you do make a mistake don't spend forever stressing and worrying about it because the likely hood is that you can't go back and change it so just put it in the past and move on. Wise words if I do say so myself!

5. Money, Money, Money
Uni has taught me that I am possibly the worst person ever when it comes to saving. Ask my flat mates. I think its partly comes from my loving of buying, who doesnt love to spend? In my first week I spent a lot on clothes and books because I'm kind of book obsessed, at the time it was enjoyable but looking back probably wasn't the best idea. So this is something I'm still learning and if I'm honest I'm probably not the best person to give out advice on this one but I guess just plan your money out and try your very best to keep some kind of structure to it.

6. Erm, Work? 
As a fresher it can be easy to forget the main reason you've actually come to University. To learn, gain knowledge and create a path to your further career. It's beyond easy to get caught up in going out, spending time with friends but my motto is to 'just try and make it into Uni at least three days a week, depending on your timetable of course. If I achieve that in my eyes I'm a great student. Also your work at Uni will be a lot easier to balance along with socialising if you get it done early. I'm talking as soon as you've been given a lecture or information on it. If you make a start and plan ahead, when it comes to starting you're work it will make everything a lot easier. Preparation is key at University! 

7. New People
If you move out of home, theres no doubt your going to meet a lot of people and even if you don't move out you'll make so many new friendships. This is the great thing about Uni, you meet people from all over the country and without it you may never of have the opportunity to cross paths. In fact I'm pretty sure none of my friends at Uni are from Liverpool, just me. Which means I guess I have a lot of places I could travel to haha. I definitely say make an effort with everyone you meet but I also think if something is meant to be it will be. 

Actually writing this has made me pretty sad that my first year of uni is coming to an end soon. University goes by so fast it's actually scary but if you just make the most of every moment then when it comes to an end you can say you didn't waste it. Heres to passing my first year an I guess to summer and travelling, roll on the end of May please!

Jessica Grace x


  1. You literally must do such a similar course to me! I go to Salford and do TV & radio, it's a ball ache however! I'm in my second year and I literally cannot wait for it to be over though!


    1. Yes! I feel the exact same, I'm only in my first year but already can't wait for it to be over and done with, the course that is! Manchester seems like such a good place to go to uni and I loved your post on Liverpool, big fan of Filter & Fox to.