Monday, 7 March 2016

Take it and Run

 Jacket: Pull & Bear (Similar here)
Cropped jumper: Charity Store (Label is Topshop) 

Writing this post slightly hungover and I've not moved from my bed all day. Which is a good thing but also bad as I probably should be getting some uni work done. Anyways, hope you all had a wonderful mothers day yesterday. I headed out with my mum and sisters to visit my Nan in hospital, as she is a little unwell. It was her birthday ironically (falling on mothers day) so we went in with cake and cards to cheer her up. 85 years old my nan turned and if I am anything like her at that age I will be more than happy. She's full of life and never stops living, I'm sure before we know it she'll be out and back on the karaoke. 

Whilst out I grabbed the chance to snap some style diary pictures. A rather basic outfit today, with simple elements and brighten up with ma new favourite jacket. The colour is bloody amazing! It's probably clear that I'm a big fan of Adidas superstars but lately, I'm literally seeing them Everywhere! This is one trend that people have definitely taken and ran with.  oh well, my motto is always 'if YOU like something then wear it'. And that's certainly applying here. 

Jessica Grace x 

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