Monday, 28 March 2016

Music Mondays: Women Vs Music

For this week's Music Monday I decided to touch on a discussion which I first head over at Radio 1, in which Annie Mac sits down with Ellie Rowsell from the group Wolf Alice and discussed can women be as successful as men in the music industry? This 'Where are Women in the Music industry' discussion inspired me to give my own opinion over here on 

I was shocked to actually find out that 86% of festival lineups are made up of men. I've never actually really thought about it and now when I see lineups it is actually so surprising that this is the case. Why are there so many more successful male musicians out there? 

As a big music lover and a women, I definitely believe women are and can be just as successful as men if not bigger. And from the podcast, it was clear many have this belief yet I believe the problem here lies more or less with the musicians image and how criticised it is. Which can lead to their success or lack of it?   

Artists like Rihanna, who have raised many headlines for her image raise the question do females have to be sexualised to make it? With an artist as big as herself, we know that she is more than likely in control of what she wants to do and this is her image, a way in which she feels comfortable dressing and has actually resulted in her making it big. But to reach her heights women shouldn't be made to feel like they need to adapt to this type of image. In my opinion women or anyone for that matter should wear whatever they wish, sexy or not. Take a look at 'Florence Welsh' long flowy dress, suits with bare feet. She's a powerful example of how successful women who don't necessary dress in a sexy way can be.

Yet those who do choose to dress in a certain way also shouldn't be made to feel like they are behaving in an incorrect way, right? After all, most are grown women. Beyonce may choose to wear a short skirt or Katy Perry, but just because many others may not doesn't mean they should be viewed in a different way. It does, however, have an effect on some parents, who may say that these women should be more aware of their audience and what they are putting out there to be seen. Which I do think in may ways is understandable yet if all artists were to stop doing things because they were worried about everyone's views where would the music industry be? Would women have reached as far as they have in this type of business? I doubt it.  

I think what should be looked at here is not current successful artists who have strong control over what they want their image to portray but 'up and coming artists'. We live in the 21st Century now and I do think women are seen just as equal as men. So no female artists should feel like they have to dress a certain way to make it and actually I think most are already aware of this. Being ourselves and doing what we feel comfortable doing is eventually the most important thing. I know when I'm searching for new Artist/Music It's their sound and talent that comes before any image. And this is where the main priority of the females success should lie. 

What do you think? Do you think women can be as successful as men in the music industry? Leave me a comment below as I would love to know your opinion.

Listen to Radio 1's podcast here.

Jessica Grace x

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