Monday, 21 March 2016

Music Mondays - Jack Garratt

UK singer and songwriter Jack Garratt is a perfect blend of soul and electronic indie. And it's this unique sound that has made me become a huge fan of his.

Phase his debut album is full of diverse tracks, in which you can truly here his emotions. This year Jack won the 'Brits Critics Choice Awards' which in the past has been won by the likes of 'Florence', 'James Bay' and 'Adele' which sets him up for success. 'Surprise Yourself' has become my personal top favourite song of his and of course 'Fire'. 'Weathered' has a small unique similarity to some of Mumford and Sons tracks, which I love.

The amazing thing about Garratt his just how talented he is. Not only does he sing, but he plays the piano and several others instruments. Which presumingly will make him amazing live. Jack's set to be at performing in Manchester this April, so I'll definitely be grabbing some tickets. The laid back feel he leads with and his already massive success sets him up for an even bigger further in the music industry.

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