Thursday, 10 March 2016

Artist of the week: The 1975

This week I'm introducing a new series on my blog, Artist of the week. Every other week I'll be posting one band or artist I've been loving. Diving into why I think they are great, their music and tours etc. So as I'm heading to The 1975 this weekend it only seems fitting that they kick it off.

If you're a Twitter user I'm sure you will of heard/seen a lot from The 1975 recently, they've pretty much been all over it, or maybe it seems that way on my account. With the release of their new album; in which Pink is a re-occurring theme, 'I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it'  they've been seen everywhere and the guys have promoted the hell out of it. Which I personally am not complaining about. 

I think The 1975 are either a love or hate band, I have always loved them and ever since seeing them at Leeds fest they are definitely close to the number one spot in my top 5 bands. Nothing beats the atmosphere when they are playing, so I'm hoping they live up to my expectations this coming Saturday. 

Being extremely laid back is what I love about these guys, from gigs to interviews, everything is done in such a none complex way. And just makes them scream 'Cool'. did I just use the word cool? Their first album will always be a favourite of mine and is what really set them apart and gave them a platform but this new one holds onto a similar sound yet comes from a more laid back, earthy perspective. The current songs that have been released like 'Urgh', 'Love me' and 'The Sound' I'm loving but others that are on the album that may not have been heard yet and that I'm also loving include; 'Loving Someone', 'If I believe you' and 'Paris'. I only had to hear the first couple lines of Paris and I knew It would be on repeat.

The music video for 'The Sound' is probably one of the best to come from the new album so far. They literally show how they couldn't give two f*cks about what people think. They know that more than 50% of people love them, which is all that matters right? Take a look here.

As mentioned a little bit before, the one thing that makes The 1975 so bloody good, is their live performs. I think it's so important for artists to be good live, as it just proves their worthy of their jobs. Being a media student you could probably guess that I obsess over the staging and this is where these guys get it bang on. Last year's album was predominantly black and when paired with white lighting looked extra good on stage. So I can not wait to see the latest theme of Pink and White staging in person. Making my photographs look extra good, why thank you

I'll be photographing and piecing together a post from this Saturday night, which will be out in two weeks time. But in the meantime make sure you go and check out The 1975's new album, I promise after some time listening you'll fall into the trap of loving them. 

Jessica Grace x

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