Monday, 8 February 2016

My Top Reads

Nothing beats getting stuck into a good book, in my opinion not even a film can beat it. This Monday evening I thought I would share with you guys some of my top reads. 

When you deal with anxiety, learning to mediate and in general destress is one of the best things you can do for your mind. I picked up this book from Urban and it is without a doubt one of my favourite books to just dip in and out of. You don't have to read page after page rather you can skip a few and go back etc. You choose which parts you want to read and when, which is great. I also kind of think that it is a book you never finish; in a sense when ever you need inspiration or to mediate you can pick it up and it will be extremely useful. 

The book uses a mixer of creative quotes, activities and inspiration which helps you appreciate everyday life. I absolutely love it and take it 'Everywhere' I go. Not to mention it looks super pretty ;) 

The Guest Cat
The Guest Cat was a read I picked up before heading on a train journey and I read a lot of it on that journey. I was hooked. I'm sure you guys are aware that I am a cat lover, as pretty much marked it on me for life with my cat tattoo. This book is perfect for all cat lovers out but even if you are not a lover of them I would still say this book is not one to be missed. 

The story follow a couple who I guess no longer have much to say to one another. One day they find a cat has invited itself into their home and life suddenly seems to have more promise to it. I may not be describing it all that well haha but The Guest Cat is a surprisingly moving story that makes you want to reread it over and over. 

I debated whether or not to feature IT by Alexa Chung today as I feel like I've covered it quite a lot on the blog but nevertheless I do love it as an inspirational read so why not. The book shows an insight to what inspires Alexa and all the things she loves. Full of quirky photography and short and snappy text it's a great read if you ever need a fashion re-boost. Don't take this book to seriously as I don't believe its meant to be taken that way, rather just as a little bit of fun to get inspiration flowing. 

Jessica Grace x

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  1. I want to read a lot more this year, so I found this post really helpful :) If you haven't already, I'd recommend reading Gone Girl, it really lives up to the hype! x

    Becky | BCKY.CO.UK