Friday, 19 February 2016

My Guide to Liverpool One

Being born in Liverpool and moving out to uni in the city I've familiarised myself a great amount with its shopping areas. In fact it's probably one of my favourite things about the city, i'm sure this won't come as a surprise to most people. Shopping and its love of music. Vintage and one off stores are common in the city and ones I love hunting around, however for all you new comers to Liverpool. Liverpool One is your one stop location for all things shopping, leisure and dining. With that being said today I thought I would share with you a little guide to Liverpool One.

Jessica's Guide to Liverpool One

With over 150 stores, L1 some how managers to offer a lot yet you don't feel like your travelling from one end of the city to the other trying to get to each store. Which is bloody great and makes shopping enjoyable, which it should be. So if you ever hear of the fab four then you'll know that it stands for the fabulous shopping districts. Whether it's the ever so popular TopShop or designer brand your after you'll find it here. When I'm out looking for an investment piece I find myself in Peter's Lane, which is home to Michael Kors, Ted Baker, Hobbs, Reiss and many people's favourite in the city Flannels. 

South John street offers two floors, yes two floors of our high street favourites.  My personal favourites being TopShop, Dr Martens, Pull & Bear and John Lewis. Paradise Street & Hanover street are places for more cutting-edge stores and where I'll go to hunt out my favourite vintage finds. 

It's clear L1 has many clothing stores yet what I love about it is that it offers more than that. Since being at uni and making my blog a priority I've gone stationary mad and Paperchase has become my second home. They have the best stationary, Love it! Utility is another favourite of mine and Liverpool actually is home to three Utility stores, one in L1 and another two in Bold Street. It's a place for quirky little home decor and the best celebration cards. 

Located next to Paradise Street entrance Beauty Bazaar is Liverpool's one stop shop for all this beauty, offering most beauty brands. You may also remember from one of my previous posts that this was where Nails inc held their event with Alexa Chung. Was a lovely night and made even better by seeing Chung in person! Take a look at the post here. 

Being a media production student you'd probably guess that I'm a bit of a movie lover. The Odeon in Liverpool one is just around the corner from my flat so is my go to location for movie nights. 

One thing that stands out about L1, is that there is always something going on. The top terrace of L1 is home to L1 gardens and throughout the year different things are always popping up. In the summer, the beach is set out and throughout winter time, there is often ice bars and, of course ice-skating. Click here to see more events happening now. 

Should have definitely got the whole sign in the frame, haha!

Moving onto my favourite part of the city, Food and Coffee  Eating out is probably one of my favourite things to do but unfortunately not that friendly to my bank account. There are restaurants throughout all the shopping districts including my favourites EAT and Pret-A-Manger. Although, the leisure terrace mainly focuses on dining and offers anything from Italian to Japanese. As Pizza is my all time favourite treat food Pizza Express is my go to place.  Places like Byron Burgers and Roxy's Ballroom also offer great dining experiences. In fact, Roxy's is a brand new place that has recently opened and combines everything you need for a good night out, food, drink and ping pong. Oh and good decor always makes everything better!

If you've made it to this point well done! Safe to safe this has been a very detailed post but I've loved writing and photographing it, so if it helps just someone out there then I'm happy. Liverpool is an amazing city and the main reason I didn't choice to move away for uni is because there is always something going on. 

I've been able to create quite a list of my favourites places in Liverpool so some weeks I'll be throwing up posts that are based in the city. The next one related will be my favourite Liverpool coffee shops. 

To find out more about Liverpool One, head to their site by clicking the link below. 

Signing out...
Jessica Grace x 

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