Thursday, 4 February 2016

My Guide to Effortless dressing

I'm dedicating this post to Alexa Chung as she her self taught me how to achieve my own effortless look. We all have those days where we want to look like we haven't tried and magically woke up looking like a beautiful natural no effort required type of girl. If I'm honest, it's the look I go for most days. As Chung says herself 'Looking effortless takes a lot of effort'. That it does indeed, so to help you out I've created a little guide to effortless dressing. Thank me later.

Jessica's Guide to looking effortless.


Heels? Never, first step would definitely be to ditch your favourite pair of day time heels and add in a pair of sneakers, Adidas and converse are my personal favourites. Comfort should always be key in my opinion and sneakers are definitely comfortable.

Tote Bags

I own a lot of bags, in fact most of my uni room is taken up with them but the funny thing is I ALWAYS go back to the one that can be rolled up to the smallest thing ever and thats my tote bag. Tote bags are great for effortless dressing because they don't have any structure to them so they give of that impression that you've woken up late and just grabbed your bag and threw your essentials in. Also a lot less hassle than a structured bag.

Get Plaiting

My hair is probably one of my favourite things to make look effortless, as it's quite long getting the messy bed hair look is easily achievable. One thing I love to do is plaits, specially the milkmaid braid. I'm sure you are but if you are not aware of this trend, then to break it down it's basically just two plaits that then cross over your head, pinned down to create an almost crown type of look. I decided to show you MaryKate rocking it as it never quite looks this good on myself, yet I do still love it none the less.

Band Tee

Yes, it's another write up about how amazing band tees are. But seriously are they not, the best. Tucked into a leather you've got the perfect gig look. Combing music and fashion is the best as it makes everything more creative. Band tees are often ripped, slouchy or oversized.; three combinations that help us achieve the effortless outfit. And no guys, you don't have to listen to the band to where a tee with their name on it. If you like the t-shirt then wear it ;)

There we have my little guide to effortless dressing. Feel free to leave me a comment, have a lovely weekend and I shall see you guys on Monday. Signing out...

Jessica Grace x 

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