Friday, 8 January 2016

Take a look inside my handbag

Reversible Black Vegan Leather Cross Body Clutch

I thought I would show a little delve into my new go to handbag that I recieved for christmas. I'm a big leather lover but real leather is a big no go of course, so when I saw this beautiful vegan leather gem I new I had to ask for it from the mother.  I'm a big lover of the gold hardware on this bag and not to mention the sleek little roll over opening and closing. When I'm not going to uni this is the bag I tend to use as its the perfect size for all things I use day to day. It also doubles up as a great night time bag, oh and its even reversible.(see link above.)

First things up, of course I always carry around my favourite blue quilted purse, which was a gift from my sister a few years ago now and it's surprisingly still in perfect condition.

 I don't tend to carry around a whole lot of makeup with me as I just don't feel the need for it but what I do always carry is a perfume with me, recently I've been loving the Zara Rose one which smells heavenly exactly like Spring Flowers. In fact Zara perfume in general is so one of those clever little finds I think, it smells amazing and actually very cheap (for perfume.) I also take a compact powder with me, this Rimmel one is my all time favourite. It's great at keeping my foundation on, making sure that the matte look stays put and for any little touch ups needed throughout the day. And of course I can't go without a lip balm, my EOS one is my favourite. (Makeup brush, Real Technique.)
 My phone is obviously in there, looking a little worse for where. Have to blame it on a Uni night out, haha my bad!!

Keys are an essential of course, my Topshop little faux fur key chain is one of my best buys from London and means I never have the problem of losing them in my handbag. 

To finish off, my headphones of course as I can't go a day without listening to music and as my hair has gotten extremely long these days a hair tie has became a necessary item for me to have. I picked up a pack of these ones (my favourite), which are great for not leaving any kinks in your hair; from Primark, would recommend them for sure.

Hope you guys liked this little look into my current handbag, it's now in the sale which is even better if you guys want to get your hand on it.(Link above.) Leave me a comment and share your handbag essentials too. 

Jessica Grace x

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