Thursday, 28 January 2016

Staying Motivated

14:11 on Thursday afternoon, sitting in a lecture that I technically do not have to be in as my essay is not on this piece of text. Anyhow I thought I would use this time to write tonight’s blog post, so here I am.  Whilst at Uni I have without a doubt learned how to keep my self motivated and to be productive, I kind of had no choice as I no longer can rely on my trusty parents. I guess it’s also part of growing up. So today I wanted to share with you guys how I manage to stay motivated, here we go….

1. Grab a cup of tea.
Before you begin anything, take a breath and grab a cup of tea; or whatever beverage you enjoy.  I always find by starting out good on something it makes it easier to follow through and you have a greater chance that in the end you will have achieved what you set out to. So plan and take your time, then go for it. 

2. Write to do lists
     I tend to always do this as it allows me to see what I have to do day by day. It also makes me feel like I’ve gotten a lot done in a day. I guess there is also a sense of achievement when you get to cross everything off your list.  Not to mention you can get super cute to do lists papers.

 3. Stay on top
      When it comes to my work, I try and get it done as soon as possible. This often means as soon as I receive it i'll go away and do some work on it. I hate that feeling of knowing I have something to do, therefore I like to 'Just get it done!' I think this stems from GCSE’S, I didn’t do my best not because I didn’t understand it but partly because I didn’t give myself enough time. Ever since then I always ensure that I give myself more than enough time to get my work done and to a high standard. This eventually showed of in my A-Level results and enabled me to be sitting in this very lecture right now!

    4. Set short term goals
     Of course it is important for us to have long term/life goals but in order for us to achieve these goals we also need to set short term goals. One’s we are aware we can actually realistically meet. For example; Today I set myself a goal to write this blog post and have it up before 7.30. Achieved – tick.

5. Praise yourself
This is probably something I actually don’t do enough, but if you do something well tell your self well done. It is more than likely you’ve worked hard to get where you are so reward yourself. We all deserve treats every now and again, right?

Helpful? Let me know in the comments, and stay motivated.  

Signing out here, Jessica Grace x

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