Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Currently writing this listening to an old Miley song, forgiveness and love. Oh I did love this album. Today I felt like just writing so I did just that. 

Mistakes. We all make them, they are part of life. I know all to well the pain and regret you have when you make a mistake, almost like you want to scream and just say why why why!! If there is one thing that life teaches you as you get older it is that although mistakes happen we usually can't change them and we can't change what's been and gone! So we shouldn't spend time worrying and waisting more time. Life is so short, we need to grab every moment we get and run with it.And if we make a mistake during it well so what; at least we can say we did it! Regrets and mistakes are how we grow and move forward in life. What I'm trying to say is don't let these little mistakes stop you from living your life, be you and do you!

Mistakes are Guidelines and Opportunities to learn how to do things better. 

Jessica Grace x

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