Thursday, 2 July 2015

Style diary: A taste of simplicity

Jeans: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Primark
Shirt: Charity Store
Jumper: Zara
Bag: Alphabet Bags
Sunglasses: H&M

The weather has been beautiful here in England over the last few days, so I promise there will be a few more summer style diaries coming your way. Today i'm keeping things super simple. I've never really been into basic denim skinnies until I found this dream pair from Pull & Bear. They fit like a glove and are so comfy; so perfect for English summer with some Birkenstocks. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lets Get Sweaty #Thisgirlcan

Since I've left six form I've definitely released that I like to have some kind of structure in my life and now that its summer and I'm not longer in education(Until Sep) I kind of lack that. I know should embrace all this free time and I am, so for the past month or so I've through myself into getting fit and exercising has managed to give me that little bit of structure I feel I need. So today i thought I would bring it to the blog. I've never been unfit but neither has my body ever been in the best shape it can be. So that's my aim to get fit and healthy, the best I've ever been. 

Today I thought I would share of few of my workout tips that have helped me get on the right track. I think these are perfect for anyone starting out on a diet and they want to add in a little bit of exercise or to anyone who doesn't actually want to lose weight but just wants to get their body into a little better shape. So... lets get sweaty.

Leg scissors 

I always start of my workout with 40 leg scissors(Both legs), this exercise targets your tights, knees and most of your legs. What I love about this one is that its a exercise that is hard and you can feel it working but its something that you no you can do. I do 40 as when you get to 30 you really feel it start to burn so those extra 10 do the job. 

Leg lift

After leg scissors I will then do 30 leg lifts, the tip with this exercise is to not raise your leg to high just to a middle level so you should feel the pull in your leg. In addition, you shouldn't let your feet touch as you bring your leg back down. This is a simple little exercise that doesn't take to long and works very well, if done correctly.(30 on each leg)

Step up squats

With any other exercise on a step up I would say don't worry if you don't have one as you can use any step in your garden, however with step up squats having a step up is important and kind of essential as you will be need to be on an even level. These pieces of equipment are supper cheap and definitely worth having as they can be used for several different types of exercise. I will have some links down below for you guys to check out. 

This is a exercise I learnt of Instagram and although it doesn't look hard after 20 you start to really feel it. So to do it, you will start by standing up on your board and then jumper down into a squat. Yes that simple. Make sure when jumping down into the squat you bend your knees and bring your hands together. This is ensuring the legs are doing most of the work. When jumping back up onto the board and coming out of the squat really push your body up using the power in your stomach, this is now working the legs and stomach. I do 40 of these every time I work out but would recommend doing 25 for a beginner; then slowly increasing. 


To finish of we have the kettlebell, this thing is my new bestfriend it is I believe one of the best things for working out as it works the whole body. In these images I'm sharing with you three of many techniques that can be done with this. Number one is simply holding the kettlebell with both hands and swinging it back and forward through your legs.I do this 50 times, after 40 its starts to really hurt but the extra 10 do the job. 

In the second image, we show lifts with the kettlebell. To do this bend your knees and when raising back up lift the kettlebell to the sky. This works arms and legs.(Do 25 times.)

And lastly,the last image shows left lifts. This is very similar to the first image but instead of both hands we use just our left. I recommend doing this exercise slowly as your hands can get sweaty and keeping hold of the kettlebell can be tricky. In addition, after doing this with my left arm I then go and do it with my right(Either way). I will try and do 40 each if not 30. 

BTW: I do these exercises along with many others today I have just picked out a few of my current favourites.

So that's it, my top exercises. This post is a little different to my usual style diary but I'm trying to add a little something different to the blog and change it up. Let me know on Instagram or Twitter if you try any of these out and I would love to see your images. Go on #Thisgirlcan