Thursday, 28 May 2015

Recipe: Three ingredient pancakes

This week that I have off from six form I have dedicated to getting back on track with my healthy eating and baking/cooking a lot more. I think instagram is a great place to get inspiration for cooking and that is where I found this little simple fun recipe. I've never been the biggest fan of pancakes but these ones definitely did change my mind. I know these may not be the healthiest food someone could eat but I think the fun in healthy eating is trying out new things and for me these are new; plus by not using a great amount of oil and adding lots of fruit we can make them that little bit better/tastier for us. 

Mix Together: 
1 Banana 
2 Eggs
Self-raising flour

Then pour mixer into pan or oven cook.

Top with: 
Banana/Raspberries/Any other yummy fruit
Dark Chocolate chips/ Vegan Chocolate sauce

Btw: I did not go by any measurements just mixed to together and rolled with it haha. Don't forget to share your pancakes on twitter/Instagram with me and tag me in your images :D Happy Baking!

Monday, 25 May 2015

Style Diary: Reflect

Jeans: Pull & Bear
Tee: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Leeds Festival
Bag: Alphabet Bags
Scarf: Vintage

Its been a while since I lasted posted and I really have no clue why, I guess its just been a combination of being busy and no motivation haha. Anyways I'm back and very happy to be, the weather in England is so nice at the moment and making me feel like I always want to be out. Although, today I've been more than bored, so I seriously need to start making some spring/summer plans as I do not want to sit in another day!! 

This look is a super simple (UK) summer outfit, ripped mom jeans, blue reflect glasses and converse; you can do no wrong.