Friday, 13 March 2015

Hello - In the style of Jessica

OK, so this isn't really something I wanted to do more less something I feel is necessary to do for my blog. When I started my blog it began out as Jessica Grace Neal and then last year I changed it to What Jessica Grace Did , which I really do like. Although, I recently found the lovely Olivia's blog which is called WhatOliviaDid and thought it may be best to change my blog name. Olivia's has done really well with her blog and I would love my blog to be able to be anything near to how well hers has done.  So I think for me personally its best to change it, therefore I'm changing the name tooo - In the style of Jessica. DAH DA. This blog is a reflection of what I do and enjoy in life, so I guess its all in my style haha. 

Hope you guys like it haha, its took me all week to think of it which is why there hasn't been a post since Monday. I think it gives of the same impression and let's hope this is the one we stick with forever. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

Over the Moon

Rings - Vintage Store

I've always admired those girls who wear dresses with over the knee socks as a everyday look, I think it looks particular good on those who are tall and as I'm a tad small I'm not the most confident in this look but I thought for the sake of a blog post I would give it a go, haha. 

I think its often done by those who live in warmer countries but here in England it's definitely a lot harder to get away with it. Anyhow, when I thought about styling this TopShop dress my first thought was 'Knee high socks'. Paired with this gorgeous light camel coat I think it all works well at creating a 70's inspired look.