Friday, 27 February 2015

March WishList

March WishList

ASOS bright dress
£42 -

£34 -

ASOS pink skirt
£34 -

Forever 21 vegan sandals
£21 -

Topshop blue suede handbag
£45 -

Topshop earrings
£7.74 -

Fake fur shawl

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Style Diary: Back In Time

Blouse - Topshop
Bag - Primark

This look was inspired my a few things I saw on the catwalks of LFW just gone. Speaking of LFW this weekend I have a round up of some of my favourite bloggers outfits, some of my favourite shows etc. As I am still yet to attend I love still catching up with some looks from the week. 

A lot of 60's and 70's inspired items are definitely coming into stores now and I love it. Its not for everyone but I think it's definitely a trend that will get people talking.

I picked up this pinafore dress from BooHoo yesterday for just £20. It one of the items that you can do a lot with, so very useful. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

All Things Oscars

Out of all award shows I think there is no doubt the Oscars is the most glamours, so as I do every year I'm sharing with you guys some of my favourite parts of this years show. 


When I was up last night watching all things Oscars, I found that there where a lot of nudes and creams on the carpet. Definitely one of my favourite trends to come from this years show. Having said that red was another trend this year and I think for me Rosamund Pike did this trend the best.

Favourite Moments

I was so happy to see that Julianne Moore won best actress for her role in 'Still Alice' she was beyond amazing in this movie and so deserved it. The movie carries such an important message about alzheimer's and I don't think anyone could play this role better than Julianne. She beat out competition from Reese Witherspoon, Rosamund Pike, Marion Cotillard and Felicity Jones. And it was well deserved. 

Eddie Redmayne is by far one of my favourite actors and there was no doubt that he was going to win the Oscar for best Actor. What I love about him is he seems so down to earth and like such a lovely person. This award season every award he has won or 'The Theory of Everything' has won he has always dedicated it to the Hawking family, which I think shows how much this movie really does mean to him.

We can't talk about this years Oscars without talking about Lady GaGa's performance. She may be a little crazy but their is no doubt that she can sing. I think we all knew she could but none of us knew exactly how powerful her voice was, wow! One word to describe it 'amazing'. 

Best Dressed

Reese Witherspoon

To finish of, I can't not talk about my two favourite dress of the night. My first has to be Reese Witherspoon,I think its kind of ironic that Reese is one of my best dressed because she created #AskHerMore which is all about interviewers asking more than 'what are you wearing'? to the actors/actress at the Oscars. I completely agree with Reese on this one, they are more than what they where but right now I'm sorry I just want to know about the dress haha. 

Her dress itself is a Tom Ford dress and for me the reason it's one of the best is because it is so simple and effortless. Her hair and makeup complement it so well and she looks simply beautiful. 

Emma Stone blew me away with this number, it gave me that old Hollywood feeling and it's one of my favourite red carpet looks. What I do love about this dress is it doesn't give to much away, at the front its very covered with a little leg split but then the back is all open which gives it that very glamours feeling. If I was every lucky enough to attend a award show haha ;) this would be the number I would go for.  

So that's it, my thoughts and a round up of The Oscars 2015, hope you guys found this enjoyable. Who doesn't love a bit of Hollywood glamour in our lives every now and again. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Jumping it & LFW

Dungaree Jumpsuit: H&M
Stripey Tee: H&M
Jacket: Primark
Bag: Alphabet Bags
Shoes: Dr Martens

This jumpsuit has to be one of my favourite items in my wardrobe, why? Because its such a simple yet very effective piece. Paired with a stripey tee, you can do no wrong. 

As most of you are probably aware LFW is currently happening and its an event that I'm always curious about. My day today was spent homeware shopping and mostly by watching LFW live. I'm always looking at bloggers and instagrams of London fashion week, and it all looks incredible. 

 LFW has always intrigued me and its something I would love to attend, who wouldn't right? It does all look amazing and seeing my favourite bloggers attending only makes me want to go even more, so hopefully next season(figures crossed). 

Although, I do sometimes think that at fashion weeks fashion is so blown up and dragged out of reality that these types of events lose their main focus. Street style doesn't seem like street style anymore but more like a exaggeration of peoples personal style. Which is neither good or bad, but I guess for me some more realistic looks wouldn't go a miss. And having said that I still really wanna go, haha. Hey, its an experience!