Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Nails Inc Event


Last-night I was lucky enough to attend the Nail inc event and how lovely it was indeed. Hosted at Beauty Bazaar, Harvey Nichols which is the place for all things beauty in Liverpool, the evening was full of beauty, cocktails and treats and of course the appearance of the beautiful Alexa Chung. 

Alexa is a huge fashion inspiration to me so getting to meet her in person was mind blowing and she's just as nice as you would expect(also really funny haha). 

I picked up one of Nails inc new winter christmas nail polishes in the shade 'Winter lights', I'm not usually much of a sparkly person but at this time of year its always nice. Also red, sparkle is always a good idea. 

A very different Tuesday night you could say haha amazing. P.S. now I'm of to tick of 'Meet Alexa Chung' on my bucket list. ahhh LIFE = MADE. 

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  1. thats so cool, i used to have this kind of prejudice with alexa but then I got to know her more and she became a inspiration for me too. She is really funny and you are so lucky,i bet the event was awesome