Saturday, 22 August 2015

Top 4 Music Picks

Its that time again, when I share with you guys my top current favourite music picks. 

First up is one of my new favourite bands Sunset Sons, these guys are a UK and Australian band which I think already makes them bloody wonderful. Their new EP 'No Bad Days' is one of my favourite EP's I've ever listened to(Big statement I know haha) Their sound is a mixture of rock and indie which makes it exactly the kind of music I love, by combing both genre I think they have managed to create a unique sound that we haven't heared before. I think they also work so well because of the mix of British and Australian sound in the music. 'I remember' and 'She Wants' are some of their newest and most popular songs; without a doubt more than worth listening to(worth repeating haha). But my personal favourite by them is 'Medicine' I listen to it everyday without fail haha.  

Next up, we are doing a throwback song to Vanessa Carlton; A Thousand Years. I used to absolutely love this and after finding a cover of it online I fell back in love completely with the original. It's a song that I think will never become old and will always be the perfect song to sing along to on a car journey. 

Jess Glynne over all is n amazing artist, she has the talent that can enable her to sing just about anything. Finally she is coming out with her own music and it's just as good as we expected. Recently, I've been loving 'Why Me' which is beyond good and 'Don't be so hard on yourself'. Both show how good Jess is on her own!

Lastly, we have my all time favourite group 'Mumford and Sons' these guys never seem to fail with any music they release. From 'I will wait' to their newest songs like 'The Wolf'. Everyone of them is different but their all still captivating. This time next week I will getting ready to watch these Live at Leeds Festival ahh, can not wait!! 

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