Sunday, 14 June 2015

Top 4 Music Picks

 Bears Den

Music is a big part of my everyday life and its something I try to share with you guys here and on my Youtube channel. So I thought today I would give you a look at my current favorite artists. 

Mumford and Sons - This band has been my favourite for as long as I can remember so when they disappeared for a little while I was longing for them to come out with new music and now...finally they have! There new sound is a little different to their past as their isn't as many banjos but it definitely still gets you.

The Vaccines - These guys are a new favourite for me, I think cool and effortless describes them perfectly. Their new album titled 'England Graffiti', in my opinion is one of their best. It makes you wanna dance the night away in a indie bar. Cringe but correct!

Florence and The Machine - Ok so its Florence who doesn't love her. She is the symbol of alliterative music and always makes people heads turn with that powerful voice. Similar to Mumford she disappeared for a while but is now back with a bang. Ship to wreck and What Kind of man are the current two stand out songs on her new album and I can completely understand why.(Amazing) To finish of this girl is one of the best live performers, did you see her at Radio One Weekend? She broke her foot and still managed to make her set one of the highlights of the weekend. 

Bear Den - I have to give credit to my friend Heather for this ban as she introduced them to me. Bears Den are signed to the same label as Mumford and have a similar style of music to them but yet very different. They manage to capture you by being very simplistic and effortless. Which is all part of their charm.Agape, The Love we stole and Elysium are just some of my favorites by them. Be sure to check them out!

And that's it...If you up for finding some new music and want to give these artists a listen I have linked their Youtube channels to their names above. Simply click on their. 

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