Thursday, 28 May 2015

Recipe: Three ingredient pancakes

This week that I have off from six form I have dedicated to getting back on track with my healthy eating and baking/cooking a lot more. I think instagram is a great place to get inspiration for cooking and that is where I found this little simple fun recipe. I've never been the biggest fan of pancakes but these ones definitely did change my mind. I know these may not be the healthiest food someone could eat but I think the fun in healthy eating is trying out new things and for me these are new; plus by not using a great amount of oil and adding lots of fruit we can make them that little bit better/tastier for us. 

Mix Together: 
1 Banana 
2 Eggs
Self-raising flour

Then pour mixer into pan or oven cook.

Top with: 
Banana/Raspberries/Any other yummy fruit
Dark Chocolate chips/ Vegan Chocolate sauce

Btw: I did not go by any measurements just mixed to together and rolled with it haha. Don't forget to share your pancakes on twitter/Instagram with me and tag me in your images :D Happy Baking!

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