Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tell em that its my birthday


Check out my cake :O Amazing! 

The second birthday post, so this Sunday just gone was my birthday and I thought I would share a few pictures from it all. This amazing play-suit was from Motel Rocks and it was bloody amazing, so comfy and I felt lovely in it :) 

My cake was made by my sisters friend and isn't it amazing? My family know how much I love doing YouTube and Blogging so they thought this would be perfect and it was. And of course it tasted lovely. On top of that so did the cupcakes,mm. 

So that's it I'm now officially 18 and an adult, crazy! Within these past couple of months so much has been happening and I feel like this year is a year of changes. With me being 18 and hopefully going to Uni and.. My YouTube and Blog growing faster than I could every imagine, its madness but amazing. 

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