Thursday, 5 March 2015

Favourite Jewellery Picks

No matter what I'm wearing I always have to add some type of accessories. I've always said it and I do believe that accessories/jewellery are really what makes a look. So, I've picked out my favourite four pieces of jewellery to share with you guys!

Silver Vintage Ring

This ring was a gift from my grandma and I think it's so lovely. I couldn't not put it in here. Has a very simplistic look to it but the blue stone in the middle adds an element of quirkiness.

Casio Classic

 I couldn't do a jewellery post without talking about my favourite everyday watch, the Casio Classic. This is the perfect watch for me as it petite and doesn't look to large on my wrist. It easily adjustable and I think over all it's a great piece that is both practical yet stylist.  

Chalk Leaf Earrings

I was gifted these earrings from my cousin last year as a bridesmaids gift and I was so happy with them. They give of a very elegant feeling and look and I think that is what I love about them the most. I always feel very glamours and let's say 'lady like' haha when I where them. They are from a brand known as 'The Chalk House' and the best thing about it is that all jewellery pieces are intricate handcrafted. So it makes them that little bit more personal. 

Silver Skull Necklace

Lastly, I have a new recent addition to my collection which is this 'Freedom Skull Necklace'. I actually picked this up from a vintage store in my home city, so as far as I know this exact necklace is one of a kind but there may be others out there I just am unsure where. 

I've been a massive fan of the brand 'The Great Frog' who produce some amazing skull pieces but right now I unfortunately don't have enough to buy something from there, maybe one day haha! So my vintage find will have to make up for the time being.  

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