Saturday, 28 March 2015

Style Diary: All Black Emblem

Jeans - Asos
Blouse - Charity Store
Boots - River Island(OLD)
Tee - Jack Daniels 
Scarf - H&M
Necklace - H&M
Bag - H&M

No doubt that I am a big lover of an all black outfit and adding in a touch of colour with a bag or scarf, really helps to 'edge' it up. Studs used to be 'my thing' haha and I am really starting to like them again. Studs on the boots, Studs on the bag, Studs everywhere haha. This is a simple look that I would wear for a coffee run or just a few errands, even catching up with friends. So basically it's an all rounder :D

So all this weekend I am celebrating my birthday, Sunday 29th(Tomorrow) is my 18th but because its a special one I'm making it my birthday weekend haha. Right now I'm about to go and get ready for my birthday hike which I am beyond excited for, may not be some peoples idea of a good birthday idea but its something I really wanted to do haha. Then tonight I'm heading out to celebrate and tomorrow will be a day spent with family and good food plus shopping. My idea of a perfect day! 

Of course I will have a blog post of everything and I'm currently filming a 'Eightieth' video for my channel, so keep your eyes peeled. Oh and Thank you so much for the lovely little birthday messages from a few of you guys, means beyond the world and has made me so damn happy. Love you all xo

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