Thursday, 29 January 2015

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   Lately I have been trying to make a real effort to work out and eat much more healthier. I think for so long now I have been putting so much junk into my body that it is time to say enough is enough. Now I'm not gonna lie I've been at this for two weeks now and it is very hard, I think for me its the snacking that lets me down. Anyhow, I thought I would put this post together to share with you guys a workout outfit of mine, my top three music workout picks and of course some healthy foods I've been trying out. 

As far as exercise goes I've found myself really getting into Jogging, its not for everyone but I get a real thrill out of it and bike rides are of course one of my favourite activities. When working out I try to keep my outfit as simple as possible, wearing very basic colours. Forever 21 is one of the best places to get exercise wear from I think, its exactly what you need and very affordable.(All workout clothes are from Forever 21, apart from shoes). These Nike shoes are not the newest Nikes but they do the job and are very very comfortable, which is important. 

 I don't think I could jog without having some music, so my first music pick is 'Years & Years' Desire. This song is very repetitive which makes it the perfect working out song because it is always giving you that extra push. My second music pick comes from a brand new artist and this is Karen Harding - Say Something. I don't no if any of you guys may remember but Karen was a X-factor contest. And this new song of hers is a up beat dance song that makes any exercise feel that little bit easier. And lastly, it has to be a brand new dance beat by DJ Fresh ft Ella Eyre. This is 'Gravity', this song is always the first song I listen to at the start of workout. It mangers to get me ready and prepared for a good workout session and I think having a good start to a workout is everything. 

Check out the images above from Pinterest to see some of the healthy foods/recipes I have been trying out. 

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