Thursday, 8 January 2015

Alexa Chung 'IT'.

 If you follow me on Instagram then there is no doubt that you will of seen this book in some of my posts. This book has been everywhere over the last few months and of course its because its by everyone's favourite fashion icon Alexa Chung. Alexa Chung to me comes across as a very laid back person and a very stylist one of course. There is no doubt she is the perfect person to look to for that everyday casual but smart style and I find myself always searching for images of her street style because its always on point. 
In a new effort to make my blog a little more diverse I thought today I would do a little bit of a review of the 'IT' book of the past few months, IT by Alexa Chung ;)

If you are expecting or wanting to read a deep book then this one won't be for you, this one is for all those who love a bit of pop culture and in contrast to other celebrity books, this one is less self-obsessed.
From the very beginning it is clear that the book is all about how Alexa's style has developed and where she gets her inspiration from. Surprisingly most of it comes from her celebrity friends and style crushes and in this book she speaks a lot about all of them, which I think shows how important they are to her. 

A lot of the book is full of unique and personal images but along side these Alexa is actually giving users a little tour of her life up until now. At first glance the book has very little structure to it but it all becomes a little more clear later on. She first talks about how she begged for a horse when she was a child but looking back now she actually thinks that what she really liked about horse riding was the outfits. She writes 'Looking back on it now, I think I was interested in ponies and all the relevant paraphernalia because of the fashion as much as the animals.' Showing that fashion has always been something she has loved, I guess that's why she is in the industry today because it has always been a part of her life.

Whats clear in the whole book is that Chung doesn't take her self to seriously, this kind of journal book is all a bit of fun. It's unlikely she wrote it to try and have the best book out there, but rather she was given the opportunity so why not. When reading some other reviews theirs a lot of negativity about this book but for me I love it. This scrapbook like book has a very young London feel to it(if that makes sense haha) and is something that is very inspiring. On top of that It's good to finally learn a bit about everyone's favourite style icon. Anyone who's knows Alexa and loves the fashion world I think will love it but outside of that it might be a little difficult to grasp. But Alexa keeps it towards the right target audience with her sense of humor, this may explain the velvet pink cover.

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