Thursday, 25 September 2014

I got a bike

So during the month of August I went through this phase of really wanting a bike to get me from A to B, I think it all started when I visited London. I noticed that everyone was riding a bike, especially Barclays bikes which I think is such a great idea. (Also saw it on the great FunForLouis vlogs,ha)

 At the end of the month I finally got one and I can actually say its one of the most handy items I've ever picked up. Now it may not be something as useful as a car but I think this year biking has really became something that more and more people are getting into, whether it is something you wish to do professional or like me just for leisure I think everyone should pick up a bike. I use mine for heading back and forward to six form and just running to the shops and it makes the simple things that little less time consuming.

Even though it is now fall, I still think I can get a few more weeks out of riding until winter well and truly hits. 

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