Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Most Amazing Wedding.

I am so happy to finally be getting round to writing this and share all of these amazing pictures of this very special day with you all,woo. On the 26.07.14 my cousin Hannah Tarry got married to the lovely Joel Rowlison. It all took place in Delamere Forest, an amazing place with beautiful scenery.

Have not got images like these of my older sister Vicky :(

The bake of table!

Everything about this day was beautiful, it was so different and unique. Mine and my sisters dresses where actually hand made by such an amazing designer and Hannah's amazing dress was altered by her. The theme of the whole day was a mix of vintage and 50's. PERFECT! 

The day began with the ceremony which took place in this amazing little part of the forest, that was full of hay(for guests to sit on) and a wooden arch. There was also a arch which my two sisters had to hold for Hannah to walk under. See very unique ;) Then it was tea time, there was a wide range of British traditional afternoon tea food servered. 

Getting to be a bridesmaid for the first time was such an amazing experience, especially at such a wonderful wedding and I can speak for myself and my two sisters and say we are so grateful that Hannah asked us to be bridesmaids on her big day. 

Earlier on in the year when we first found this out, we straight away started to think about what we could get them both and when we found out the theme of the wedding we decided to make a video for them both. Including all of their memories, friends and family. It was a massive surprise for both of them and they both loved it. I did the editing of it all but my sisters did help collecting all of the images and videos to put into it. I have to say we where all so nervous at how it would go down, but there are just no words to describe everyone's reaction. My sisters and I along with Hannah and Joel got a little teary which is good thing, I guess. I did try and upload it here for you guys to watch but unfortunately it will not work :( Who knows I might upload it to my Youtube Channel soon. If I do I will be sure to let you guys know.

//I won't go into to much detail about each part of the day as I could be here for a long time. I'm going to let the pictures do all the taking for you guys. To finish of this day was so special for all of our family, it was great to have a full weekend spent with family and I couldn't think of anything better as I am a big lover of 'Family time'. Ok, before this becomes to cringe haha I hope you all enjoyed the images above. 

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