Saturday, 14 June 2014

Let's Go and Explore

Dress - Primark
Blouse/Shirt - H&M
Belt - Primark
Backpack - Primark
Pumps - New Look
Rings - All H&M apart from Blue 
which is from a vintage stall.

Finally no more exams! The feeling of knowing I can finally relax has never felt so good and on top of that it means a lot more blogging and Youtube videos. Today was such a warm day although these photos don't actually show that because I took them just an hour ago when me and Abby went on a little exploring trip. Which was surprisingly enjoyable haha. But anyhow, this dress is one of my favourites lately and it is actually in my previous outfit post as well. I thought I would throw over this shirt which I think manages to change this outfit up a little. And of course my favourite hat had to be added to this outfit although as I'm heading to Leeds festival this year I think it about time I invest in a new one of these. Any Recommendations Guys? 

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