Saturday, 13 April 2013

Blouse And Leather Combinnation

Today was kind of hectic, so I had to shoot at night but I actually think the pictures turned out ok. It was actually very warm today until the evening when the weather became miserable.

This morning I was planning on wearing something colourful because the weather was warm but unfortunately that didn't exactly go to plan, so instead I just added my new sunglasses to the outfit. I used to wear this leather jacket from international all the time but kind of just forget about it but when I found it today I thought it would be perfect with this outfit because the green blouse is pretty plain and the flaps on the front of the jacket add a bit of an edge to the whole outfit.(plus it's kind of different to most leather jackets) The blouse is from h&m and is actually a really comfy piece of clothing. My bag is from Zara Basic and my shoes are from urban outfitters. Hope you all enjoyed this post, speak soon. -Jess xo

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